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Precision in Every Test!

Welcome to our advanced diagnostic laboratory, where our skilled experts and world-class technology come together to provide you with top-notch diagnostic services. With prestigious approvals from ICMR, NABL, and Shipping, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, ensuring accurate and reliable results, including COVID-19 RT-PCR Tests.

Make an appointment with us right now to discover the benefits of advanced diagnostic testing performed in a setting that prioritizes the needs of the patient and utilizes the latest technology.

Precision in Every Test - Robin Hospital

Our Services

Clinical Tests are available for all of your health concerns

Clinical Tests For All Your Health Concerns


Utilizing advanced imaging technology to capture detailed internal images for accurate diagnoses and treatment plans


Conducting precise electrocardiograms to assess heart health, identify abnormalities, and aid in cardiovascular disease management.


Harnessing high-frequency sound waves to generate real-time images, enabling non-invasive examinations and diagnostics across various medical fields.


Conducting comprehensive hearing tests to evaluate hearing abilities, diagnose hearing impairments, and recommend appropriate interventions.


Assessing lung function and respiratory health through a series of non-invasive tests, aiding in diagnosing and managing pulmonary conditions.


Employing ultrasound technology to create detailed images of the heart's structure and function, facilitating the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac conditions.


Providing controlled exercise tests to evaluate cardiovascular performance, assess heart function under stress, and aid in diagnosing and managing cardiac conditions.


With accurate measurements and a BMI evaluation, you can gain insight into your health journey and be guided toward a balanced and active lifestyle.

Blood pressure

Take precise blood pressure readings to keep track of your cardiovascular health and ensure the health of your heart for a long and healthy life.

Acuity and Color Vision

Protect your visual clarity while preserving the beauty of the world around you with thorough acuity and color vision examinations.

Clinical laboratory tests

Discover thorough health information using our advanced lab tests, which will help with prompt diagnosis and individualized treatment programs.

Drug Panel Tests

Our drug panel tests ensure compatibility and safety while giving you a complete insight of how your body reacts to drugs.

Shipping Medicals

Meet maritime health requirements with ease by using our specialized shipping medical services, which put the safety of maritime workers first.

Mine Workers Medical

We protect the health of miners by conducting thorough medical examinations that are specific to the demands of their line of work.

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